Feedback from Gender Sensitization Workshop at BHU, Varanasi

From 27th September to 4th October 2012, the Centre for Women’s Studies and Development, Banaras Hindu University, organised a Gender Sensitization Workshop in collaboration with NIRMAN. The workshop, conducted by Gaurav Saini, used Forum Theatre methods to explore and expand the participants’ ideas about gender and the issues they face in their own lives. The workshop culminated with a performance of two short plays created by the participants using stories of their own lives.


Feedback from the organisers:

ANITA SINGH Professor, Department of English, Banaras Hindu University: “Well, they recreated scenes from everyday life -locating oppression and restructuring the image of oppression so as to relieve it. This was quite interesting , it was a GENDER SENSITIZATION WORKSHOP organised at the centre – it was conducted by Gaurav Saini. The workshop was interspersed throughout with games and exercises which served to de-mechanize the body, to get us out of habitual behavior, as a prelude to moving beyond habitual thinking and interacting. Was great fun too!!”


Feedback from the participants:

Dear Sir, thank you so much for imparting your theatrical skills to us. I  have earned a lot of knowledge during the workshop and have enjoyed each segment of it. The discussions, language experiments, games-exercises, acting, team-work, tea-breaks… everything was just fantastic. I wish to get another opportunity to learn from you . Thank you again. Best regards, Devyani

It was really a great pleasure to learn from you in a workshop, which was different in various aspects from many other workshops. Those various aspect (image works of forum theatre etc.) are also a important part of our orientation (on women)…..further, our faculties also discuss about those aspects in orientation, which we play on opening day of orientation. Thanks, regards! Minti

It was a nice experience Sir, specially for me as it is directly related to my topic of research. Moreover it was a nice exploration of the self. Maneesh

Thank you sir, working in this way. An awesome and different experience! Thank you Sir! Regards, Richa

Hello Gaurav Sir, Thanks to you for conducting such a wonderful workshop with us which actually made us realise our selves…it truly realised us with our whole being…working with you was altogether very enlightening… Regards, Manjari Shukla

We are very grateful  that we got  your valuable inputs and kind guidance in such a  interactive and friendly manner . Thank you so much for  giving your precious time . It will be a memorable experience for a life time. In the last a kind request that in future also please make us the part of such a learning process… Thanks & regards, Anuradha Pal