Gaurav has worked on regular plays in Mumbai. For the past three years, he has been working on solo performance experiments, and theatre for young audiences (solo and duet).

He is interested in working with directors who are honest and clear in their vision and work, and have experience with physical training and performance themselves. He likes using literary and dramatical texts by great authors, where the text itself contains a profundity and quality.

Gaurav began his training with Barry John at the Imago School of Acting in Delhi. After doing the diploma course in acting, he worked as an assistant teacher to Barry John for two years.

In Mumbai for nine years, Gaurav participated in many workshops with teachers from India and abroad, exploring many different techniques of acting. Apart from this, he read extensively the works of the greatest theatre practitioners as well as classic literature and drama, and worked on these ideas in workshops with fellow theatre artists. He continued and developed his own physical training and practice, using his long training in martial arts along with exposure to classical dance forms and physical training by theatre artists.

In 2011, Gaurav met Thomas Leabhart, and start learning Corporeal Mime. He also began training in the Suzuki method. Clowning is something that he is especially passionate about, and he both trains and teaches this, working on both traditional clowning and T’Chi Clown, a kind of clowning using Tai Chi principles, developed by French clown teacher Edmond Morsilli.

He continues to learn new techniques, especially in physical theatre, and is developing an actor training of his own.

Director, Teacher, Filmmaker, Martial Artist