Mellon Scholar 2016

In the spring semester of 2016, Gaurav was invited as a Mellon Global Visiting Arts Scholar to the Claremont Colleges to co-teach a course with professor Nita Kumar on “The Makers of Modern Indian and Pakistan.”

“Through dramatic performance, students of HIST 154 (Makers of Modern India & Pakistan) tell the story of how leaders are made. They perform Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru, and others from South Asia, to weave in their childhood experiences, their families, languages, and most of all, the experiences of colonialism with its mixture of good and bad. Students also will perform scenes of everyday life to give a glimpse of how class and gender works in the countries of South Asia and give an introduction to the cultural unity of the subcontinent through a quick look at the Mughals.”

There was a final performance of this course at the Atheneum at Claremont McKenna College on Thursday, April 28, 2016.


Theatre Director, Filmmaker, Martial Artist, Teacher