Feedback from Adult Theatre Therapy Workshop at the American Embassy School

In September 2010, the Adult Education Program at the American Embassy School, Delhi, organised a Drama Therapy Workshop.


Official feedback from the American Embassy School:

“I feel I really got a lot from this course. Very focused and committed instructor with in depth knowledge. Good communication skills. Had many ideas, and a lot to share. I felt I had a lot still to learn from this instructor. I would like to do another course similar to this one.”

– Debbie Darby

Personal Feedback:

“Many thanks for you for your time and commitment on the Drama Therapy course. I felt the course content was really great. I have found the breathing an on going help as well as the tree meditation. I personally am seeking ways of connecting with my feelings more and thinking less. Connecting with my feelings is uncomfortable for me and this is what I need help with. So it is actually drama therapy I need.

Working with the body, breathing, finding neutral and building up from there to visualising images and having a clear story to tell was an approach I found very effective. It was an unfamiliar process but one I could see would get easier over time.

I felt that I could apply these techniques to dance and music as well. I felt they were powerful techniques that could really grow my abilities as a performer. I find I am performing less and less as I find the experience so frightening. So I would like an opportunity to get over the fear. This is about being comfortable with who I am and being confident.

I enjoyed working with other people and working on connecting and responding from the gut. Again an unfamiliar but good process for me. Being spontaneous I found very hard but also very freeing and confidence building.”

– Debbie Darby

“The course was much better than I would have hoped for it to be. The course was well developed and worked on many areas of the subject. It was certainly very broadening experience. Instructor was very passionate about his work and gave it everything.”

– Anjli Sennik

This was the only course I found which was a little out of the ordinary in the program offered. It seemed challenging yet in a very cozy and small prestige free environment. Gaurav is very good in creating ambiance and ambition. Gaurav is very professional. Keep the course! And try to include “testimonials” in all courses in next year’s catalogue for all the courses: “Very good teacher, I am now thinking of trying out acting which is completely new to me”.

– Fredrik Agerhem

“In all, very good!”

– Jean–Pierre Muller / Julie Muller