Movement and Fight Choreography


Gaurav specializes in fight and movement choreography for stage and films/animation films, particularly in choreographing weapons fighting.

He started his martial training in Indian Manipuri martial art Thang-Ta, which puts a special emphasis on sword and spare fighting, apart from other techniques.

Drawing on his vast experience of different martial arts (Thang-Ta, Judo, Tai Chi, Kalaripayattu, Aikido), he has worked as a fight and movement choreographer for various stage productions in Mumbai.

Being a professional theater actor and director, Gaurav creates harmony (physical and psychological) between the actors and integrates them into an ensemble.

The integration process also insures that actors train safely and without injury to anybody.

His approach is organic, which means that the choreography is closely correlated with the idea and structure of the play.

Director, Teacher, Filmmaker, Martial Artist