Martial Arts, Movement, and Fight Choreography

Gaurav specializes in fight and movement choreography for stage and film, animation films, particularly in stage combat using weapons.

He started his martial training in the Manipuri martial art Thang-Ta, an ancient martial art from Manipur, in the north-east of India, which puts a special emphasis on sword and spear fighting. He holds a black belt in this and is a certified instructor.

He has also explored many other martial arts, including Kalaripayattu, Tai Chi, and Judo. He discovered Aikido in 2009, and became passionate about Sensei Shoji Nishio’s style of Aikido. He has invited instructors from Japan and Ukraine to conduct seminars at NIRMAN in Varanasi, and visited Japan twice to learn from Koji Yoshida shihan. 


Theatre Director, Filmmaker, Martial Artist, Teacher