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Feedback on Children’s Theatre Workshop, Karuna Wellness Centre, Delhi

Since 2010, Gaurav has conducted many workshops – theatre for children, theatre for adults, theatre therapy, and clowning – at the Karuna Wellness Centre, a Pranic Healing Centre in New Delhi.

Feedback from children who participated in an Intensive Acting Workshop, June, 2010

“I liked the workshop very much. It benefited me in many ways. It enhanced my voice quality as well as body language. It provided me an exposure. The tips will be very useful for me.”
– Manasi, 16

“The workshop was a very good experience and made me more confident. The exercises are a lot of fun and taught me a lot. These workshops should continue.”
– Shohini, 17

“The workshop was fun, after the entire holidays, finally 3 days with something to do. I learnt that physical exercises are important for anything and I am going to get serious about it. It was fun and I hope to attend more.”
– Rishabh, 17

“The workshop was fun and it helped me to develop my voice and other things. It really helped. The food was good too! I enjoyed myself.”
– Jishav, 17

“I learnt a lot from this workshop. After it I became more open.”
– Aastha, 16


Feedback from the organiser:

“I have attended several workshops conducted by Gaurav Saini. It’s difficult to put in words the uniqueness of his teaching style. I would describe it as an extreme awareness and honesty towards himself, the ability to see things as they are, from which streams a strong power of observation.
What qualities do we appreciate in Gaurav? You have a trainer who is very sensitive to any form of falsehood, in acting or otherwise, and who will tell you so, with no trace of an ego. Whose acting talent shines forth. Who is humorous, naturally open and warm towards the participants, yet keeps the class disciplined.
His style of teaching is very physical and stems from his many years of training in various martial arts. He is amazingly athletic, even though he is not training intensively now. He is an independent thinker and uses his own teaching methodology. His is a good Hindustani classical singer, with a pleasant voice. Moreover, his sense of responsibility and punctuality is applaudable.
All rolled together, it’s quite a combination! The only thing about him is that he very careful in choosing the projects to get involved with. However, if the project rings true to his heart, he goes into it with all his passion.”

Yulia Pal
Senior trainer, Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi
New Delhi, July 2010