Martial Arts

Gaurav began his journey in martial arts with Thang-ta, an ancient martial art from Manipul, in the north-east of India. He holds a black belt in this, and has himself conducted workshops and taught.

He has also explored many other martial arts, including kallaripayyat and judo. He discovered Aikido five years ago, and became passionate about Sensei Shoji Nishio’s style of Aikido.

He has invited instructors from Japan and Ukraine to conduct seminars at NIRMAN in Varanasi, and visited Japan twice to learn from Koji Yoshida shihan. In 2017, he opened an Aikido dojo in Varanasi.

Gaurav’s thoughts on Aikido:

“Aikido should be developed and spread in India, for many reasons. There is a lot of ambition and competition in the society, and the main values are now becoming materialism and capitalism. These have all increased greatly in the last decade. Aikido’s training and philosophy would be very beneficial, especially for young people. It will help people have a balanced view of life, in the mind and the body.

Apart from this, as a theatre artist, I have found that Aikido is very good training for actors, and I want to include it in my theatre work. I used to be a professional martial artist, but I have been in theatre for the past thirteen years. However, I realised, after coming into theatre, that martial arts are a wonderful training tool in the performing arts, and within that, Aikido is an amazing form of training for actors. I plan to learn Aikido in its purest martial art form and use it comprehensively in his theatre rehearsals and teaching.”

Director, Teacher, Filmmaker, Martial Artist